Connecting to a remote server

From: Murphy (
Date: 04/01/04

Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 21:13:02 +1000

We are setting up a webserver ( that lives in the DMZ behind our
firewall (
I would like this server to connect to a db that lives on an SQL Server
(PDC: on our internal lan.
I have opened port 1433 on the firewall between &
On the webserver I have installed MSDE that the web app currently connects
to successfully whilst I determine how to connect it to the internal server.
In EM on the SQL Server I can now connect to the MSDE server, have activated
TCP/IP 1433 on MSDE, and all works well.

I would like our Web application to used the internal SQL Server as opposed
to the local MSDE.
In order to connect to the SQL Server at is MSDE required or
can it be removed ?
Do I simply need to specify the port in the querystring in order to connect
to the remote server ?
What users/logins will need to be created in order for the web app to
connect to our internal server ?
Should I use a trusted connection or specify uid=sa;pwd=abc in the
querystring ?

The querystring I have developed so far to connect to this server is:
        <add key="ConnectionString"
value="server=,1433;Trusted_Connection=true;database=store" />

Or should I use:
        <add key="ConnectionString"
value="server=,1433;uid=sa;pwd=abc;database=store" />

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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