Re: Builtin Administrators Group and SQL Agent Jobs

From: Kevin (ReplyTo_at_Newsgroups.only)
Date: 10/31/03

Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 08:30:10 -0800

if possible, try changing the job owners to "sa" or an appropriate non-NT

Kevin Connell, MCDBA
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"Matt Troska" <> wrote in message
> On my SQL 2k Server I added a SQL Login for a Domain group
> for DBA's and gave that login full access to all SQL
> DB's.  The DBA group is a member of the local
> administrators group as well.
> I then removed the builtin\administrators group login from
> SQL Logins.
> SQL Server and SQL Agent are both started by a user that
> is a member of the DBA group.
> After I did all of the above, my SQL Agent Jobs no longer
> seem to work.  What happens is the jobs "execute" but
> don't actually exeute.  The jobs don't fail, but yet they
> don't complete either.  SQL is installed in Mixed mode and
> all jobs are owned by SA.
> I have tried recreating the jobs and that did not seem to
> help.
> I added the builtin\administrators group as a SQL login
> and the started to work.
> I need to remove the builtin\administrators as a SQL login
> to restrick access to some of the DB's.
> Thanks.
> Matt