Builtin Administrators Group and SQL Agent Jobs

From: Matt Troska (matt.troska_at_co.mcleod.mn.us)
Date: 10/31/03

Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 08:17:03 -0800

On my SQL 2k Server I added a SQL Login for a Domain group
for DBA's and gave that login full access to all SQL
DB's. The DBA group is a member of the local
administrators group as well.

I then removed the builtin\administrators group login from
SQL Logins.

SQL Server and SQL Agent are both started by a user that
is a member of the DBA group.

After I did all of the above, my SQL Agent Jobs no longer
seem to work. What happens is the jobs "execute" but
don't actually exeute. The jobs don't fail, but yet they
don't complete either. SQL is installed in Mixed mode and
all jobs are owned by SA.

I have tried recreating the jobs and that did not seem to

I added the builtin\administrators group as a SQL login
and the started to work.

I need to remove the builtin\administrators as a SQL login
to restrick access to some of the DB's.