Re: Create table & deny delete table

From: Kalen Delaney (
Date: 10/30/03

Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 12:14:15 -0800

The middle component of the 3 part name is the owner of the table, so once a
user creates a table dbname.dbo.table_name, it is now owned by dbo.

Regular users can only create tables owned by themselves, and only drop
tables owned by themselves.

The only users who can create a table owned by dbo are the dbo itself, and
anyone who is a member of the db_owner role. Any of those users can also
drop any table in the datatabase.

I don't think you can get exactly what you want.

And you're not talking about logins; creating and dropping tables, and
permissions, are granted to users in a database, not to logins.

Kalen Delaney
SQL Server MVP
"hrhoe" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I'm trying to create a new login that has the following:
> - This user need to create a table.
> - The created table should have name like
> <db_name>.dbo.<table_name> (not like
> <db_name>.<User>.<table_name>
> - This user should not be allowed to delete a table does
> not belong to he or she.
> Can I create a user login like this?
> Thank you,
> - Hyung -

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