Re: MS03-031 Urgent

From: Pexi (pekkadotheimonen_at_plenwaredotnospamdotcom)
Date: 10/28/03

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 21:44:47 +0100

Have you tried to disable parallelism? I've experienced
some bad behaviour of the optimizer & parallelism which happened
only in a multi-CPU server. Could be worth to try? If it helps,
I'd be very interested to hear about it...


"Mateo" <> wrote in message
> We've installed MS03-031 on several SQL server 7 SP4 and 2000 SP3
> instances running on both NT4 and W2K. We applied the HotFix on NT to
> resolve the connection errors, but other than that we've haven't
> any issues. Last nite we installed the patch on our most critical high
> volume production server and begain experiencing performance issues this
> morning. We're seeing a high number of queries running over 2 secs, with
> many taking over 20 seconds to complete and some over a minute. Normally
> see a few taking several secs, but not nearly this many. Because of this,
> we're experiencing ODBC timeouts. The CPU (4x) on the server is running
> 50-100%, but there's little paging to the swap file. Several queries are
> showing wait times with a 'CXPACKET' wait type.
> Is anyone else experiencing this type of behavior? Feedback on this issue
> would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
> ~Mateo

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