From: Sue Hoegemeier (Sue_H_at_nomail.please)
Date: 10/03/03

Date: Fri, 03 Oct 2003 12:29:45 -0600

I tested this on just SP3a without MS03-031 and also on SP3a
with MS03-031 and can't reproduce the problem so I don't
know that I'd say for sure it was a bug.
You can always open up a case with Microsoft and if it's a
bug, you aren't charged for the incident. If you do call
them and find out what the problem is or if you do resolve
it, please post back here and let us know. It's very helpful
to everyone when we know what the problem is - even if it is
an error on your side.


On Fri, 3 Oct 2003 06:20:27 -0700, "Roberto Carrasco"
<> wrote:

>Hi, Sue
>I thinks that this problem is happening because the
>security packet that are applied ! 8.00 818 ! Because I
>have another server with only SP3 (a) and I don't have
>this problem, do you share the same idea ?
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>>Ownership is checked in the sp_help_job that calls
>>sp_get_composite_job_info. If the users doesn't pass the
>>ownership, sysadmin check, you should get an error that
>>specified @job_name doesn't exist and you wouldn't get any
>>results back. If I were you, I would totally stay away
>>the idea of modifying the system stored procedures. It's
>>really not a good idea.
>>So....Is the job a multiserver job, ae you using MSX? You
>>can get the Unknown (0) for execution status if it's a
>>non-local job or if the job is not running. Even if not,
>>check the originating_server value in msdb..sysjobs for
>>job and make sure it refers to the correct local server
>>The other thing to try is another user or login, same
>>security with a brand new job and see if you get the
>>If you need to make up some job bogus job steps that will
>>run long enough to test it, just use a waitfor delay
>>statement before some select statement so you can test
>>On Wed, 1 Oct 2003 06:22:07 -0700, "Roberto Carrasco"
>><> wrote:
>>>8.00 818 - SQL STANDARD SP3a - With critical upgrate
>>>Sue thank's for your reply ! The user is db_owner of
>>>database - db_owner from on user database and master
>>>db_owner too.
>>>Sorry you were right is there a column
>>>current_execution_step but when I run it with the user
>>>login the column has the value (UNKNOWN (0)) and when I
>>>run with the sa the same code it show the step that is
>>>executing ! Is something wrong with SQL ! there is a
>>>procedure called SP_GET_COMPOSITE_JOB_INFO and there is
>>>line there that I think is blocking any user that do not
>>>belongs to sysadmin server role to see the status, but
>>>not sure.
>>>(N'sysadmin'),0 -- ??
>>>>-----Original Message-----
>>>>The user can see what step the job is on using
>>>>In the first result set, there is a column for
>>>>current_execution_step that reports the job step that is
>>>>currently being executed. Are you saying that you
>>>>sp_help_job and this information doesn't exist or did
>>>>just not try it? Can the user execute sp_help_job from
>>>>Analyzer and get any information?
>>>>In terms of Enterprise Manager, is the status column
>>>>visable? I have seen a couple of times where it's
>merely a
>>>>matter of adjusting the columns in the job view so that
>>>>status is visable.
>>>>On Tue, 30 Sep 2003 12:32:46 -0700, "Roberto Carrasco"
>>>><> wrote:
>>>>>Hi Sue, thanks for your reply ! ! When in the
>>>>>interface If I execute a step that has 60 steps SQL
>>>>>that owns the job must see this information ! Using
>>>>>SP_HELP_JOB I don't have this information. and the
>>>>>owns the job ! I don't understand
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>>>>>>If the user executes sp_help_job to view information
>>>>>>job, can they see information on the job? If not,
>>>>>>be something wrong with their user accounts and you
>>>>>>to pursue correcting that issue rather than modifying
>>>>>>stored procedures and having a non-supported server.
>>>>>>If they own a job, they can execute sp_help_job for
>>>>>>On Tue, 30 Sep 2003 10:04:25 -0700, "Roberto Carrasco"
>>>>>><> wrote:
>>>>>>>What modifications do I have to do in the
>>>>>>>sp_get_composite_job_info to make it work !
>>>>>>>The users own's the job but he still can't see the
>>>>>>>column being updated when running the job ??
>>>>>>>>-----Original Message-----
>>>>>>>>Have a look at this which
>>>>>>>reply to your earlier
>>>>>>>>post. Basic answer is no unless you want to risk
>>>>>>>being unsupported
>>>>>>>>Jasper Smith (SQL Server MVP)
>>>>>>>>I support PASS - the definitive, global
>>>>>>>>community for SQL Server professionals -
>>>>>>>>"Roberto Carrasco" <> wrote
>>>>>>>>I did that and I still can't do that !
>>>>>>>>I can start byt when I choose refresh ! the job it
>>>>>>>>work, I would like to know if someone already done
>>>>>>>>before !
>>>>>>>>>-----Original Message-----
>>>>>>>>>There are procs in the master db to do this,
>>>>>>>>sp_start_job, sp_stop_job etc.
>>>>>>>>>Give the user in question permission to exec these
>>>>>>>>>Ryan Waight, MCDBA, MCSE
>>>>>>>>>"Roberto Carrasco" <>
>>>>>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>>>>>> Is there a way to give a permission to a user to
>>>>>>>>>> execute,stop,refresh all the jobs that are
>>>>>>>>>> SQL SERVER !
>>>>>>>>>> Thank's !