MS03-031 installation error :112

From: M Sandico (
Date: 09/17/03

Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 06:13:30 -0700

No I didnt...why would that be the case if SQL services
are being stopped during replication anyway? What would
lock up SQL-related files?

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>Some files may have been locked by the system.
>Have you reboot the system befour applying the patch?
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>>Hi All,
>>I was trying to install the patch MS03-031 on our SQL
>>cluster and it would fail all the time. The error in the
>>log files would be to the tune of:
>>"Setup failed to copy file : replmerg.sql, Error code:
>>It would fail at this step but would fail with different
>>files. I tried this using our SQL and Windows
>>authentication. This happened 4-5 times as I kept on
>>Finally, right before placing a call to MSFT, I tried it
>>once more and this time it installed successfully!?!?
>>someone explain to me why this failed numerous times
>>before and all of a sudden, installed fine on the 6th
>>Thanks in advance,
>>M Sandico