Re: Can SQL Users have Access to A Win2k Share?

From: Dejan Sarka (
Date: 06/25/03

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    Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 10:05:18 +0200

    Yes, they can use so-called proxy account for the xp_cmdshell operations.
    Check the "xp_sqlagent_proxy_account" topic in Books OnLine

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    "Luis Wiedemann" <luis.wiedemann@florence[antispam]> wrote in
    message news:e4hQ12bODHA.2316@TK2MSFTNGP12.phx.gbl...
    > Hello All!
    > Because we use Netware and eDirectory for our directory services, we
    > installed SQL 2000 SP3 to not use Windows and SQL user account info, but
    > rather just the SQL user info. Now, because of a misunderstanding and lack
    > of competence from our service provider/data center, we have implemented a
    > new mission critical application that for some reason needs to see a share
    > on the server. No drives need to be mapped, it just seems that it wants to
    > know its there, then do its there a way to give sql users
    > to a share? I would really hate having to deal with eDirectory in a mixed
    > environment!
    > TIA
    > Luis

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