Can SQL Users have Access to A Win2k Share?

From: Luis Wiedemann (luis.wiedemann_at_florence[antispam)
Date: 06/23/03

Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 15:29:00 -0400

Hello All!
Because we use Netware and eDirectory for our directory services, we
installed SQL 2000 SP3 to not use Windows and SQL user account info, but
rather just the SQL user info. Now, because of a misunderstanding and lack
of competence from our service provider/data center, we have implemented a
new mission critical application that for some reason needs to see a share
on the server. No drives need to be mapped, it just seems that it wants to
know its there, then do its there a way to give sql users access
to a share? I would really hate having to deal with eDirectory in a mixed