CREATE VIEW Permissions in SQL Server 2000

From: Mike Cassara (
Date: 05/19/03

Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 09:41:21 -0700

I'm a programmer who is the default dba in our office, a
role I accept with reluctance. I have a power user who
needs to create views in a database on one of our servers.
This user is the sole member of a group that has been
given SELECT rights to the tables in the db, statement
permission to create views, and access rights to write to
the folders containing the db files. This user can use
the view designer and set up his view query but when he
tries to save the view he gets the following error
message: "odbc error: odbc sql server driver invalid
cursor state."
Does anyone have any ideas as to what's missing here?
Does this user need access to one or more system db in
order to save his views? What have I missed??