Re: Stored Procedure Question

From: SriSamp (
Date: 03/20/03

From: "SriSamp" <>
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 11:16:07 +0530

I'm assuming that you are using SQL Server. In SQL Server, if you call a
procedure, it will first be searched with the current users's context and if
not found, the "dbo" context will be used. For your case, if you can alias
the user to be "dbo", the dbo version will be used.


"Leon Parker" <> wrote in message
> If I call a development stored procedure owned by me
> (ulu96a) from Production Modeler, I have to prefix the
> name of the stored procedure with ulu96a. Otherwise I
> cannot access the stored procedure. When we migrate our
> Production Modeler files to the string test environment
> where the stored procedures are owned by dbo we need to
> remove the user id prefix from every call, of which there
> are many. I don't know if our problem in the development
> environment is a result of privileges on the LRP_PM_DCUST
> account we use to connect to the database or with
> privileges on the stored procedures themselves. Do you
> have any suggestions on how we can fix this? Is it an
> account privilege problem?

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