SQL 2k cpu usage 100%

From: Nikhil Mehrotra (nikhil@rsd.4mis.com)
Date: 03/13/03

From: "Nikhil Mehrotra" <nikhil@rsd.4mis.com>
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 13:27:24 +0530

Hi all,

i have a sql 2k server with NAT indtalled.

it has been running very effectively till i started the accessing of this
sql server from the clients over the internet.

the tcp/ip port has been changed from 1433 to 3412.
Now, when i disconnect my dial up connection on this server, the cpu usage
goes 100% and no processes are shown which cud be considered as a suspect.

Any help wud be appreciated.

Nikhil Mehrotra