SQL Server / Firewall Security

From: MarkA-UK (mark@nospamineed.nospam)
Date: 03/04/03

From: "MarkA-UK" <mark@nospamineed.nospam>
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 16:11:45 -0000


Before I start with the main question please just assume the term firewall
can be any type of firewall not necessarily ISA, Checkpoint or anything like
that specific.

If I have an SQL server on the internal side of the firewall containing my
full database and a SQL server on the outside of my firewall containing a
public sub set of my main internal database data for my website, what ports
etc do I need to open up on my firewall if I want to replicate data from the
internal server to the external (PUSH)?

I know that the standard port is 1433 but I am guessing that's a real
security risk. If I was the change the SQL server ports would that affect
all my internal users?? if so then I cant do that.

You thoughts / ideas / suggestions on best practices would be greatly


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