Re: Security Questions(s)

From: Mary Chipman (mchip@nomail.please)
Date: 02/14/03

From: Mary Chipman <mchip@nomail.please>
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 11:54:16 -0500

 Access security is easily breached. A google search will turn up both
code and services where you can pay a nominal fee to bypass it. You
should ALWAYS use security on the server unless you really don't care
and are only looking to deter the ignorant and unmotivated.

Here's some free resources to help get you started securing your SQL

-- Mary
Microsoft Access Developer's Guide to SQL Server

On Wed, 12 Feb 2003 07:59:08 -0500, "djc"
<> wrote:

>subject: database security: access mdw files verses SQL server
>authentication (either sql or windows integrated)
>current database setup: MS access2002 front-end forms and backend tables.
>security: mdw file.
>1. We are going to move the 'backend' of our database into SQL server 2000
>and keep the frontend forms in Access2002. Should we change to SQL Server's
>security mechanisms or stick with the access mdw files?
>2. What are the basic differences between SQL security and Access .mdw file
>3. Is using mdw files a reasonable method for security when the backend
>tables are in SQL Server?
>any help is greatly appreciated,

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