Almost working

From: bob (
Date: 02/11/03

From: "bob" <>
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 12:03:32 -0800

I solved 1 problem and now can use DTS to import my
online DB to a test SQL Server setup on my Windows XP

However, it imports the login 'mylogin' which I am able
to use to connect to the database but my Sql statements
won't work as the table objects aren't found. I normally
referred to them as just TableName but now they'll only
work if I use 'database.TableName'? The default DB
for 'mylogin' is set to the database. How does this work
in my online environment but won't work on my local
setup? I'd like to be able to get it working w/o
changing all the SQL to database.TableName.

Any ideas?