Re: SQLServer.exe Porcesses in Task manager

From: BP Margolin (
Date: 02/10/03

From: "BP Margolin" <>
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 15:33:34 -0500


What does your network administrator mean by "broadcasting UDP packages"?

SQL Server 2000 uses UDP 1434. This is normal and expected. The SQL Slammer
worm exploited the fact that SQL Server normally uses UDP 1434, and that
there was a bug in SQL Server 2000 that allowed someone to "commandeer" SQL
Server 2000. But if your network administrator is expecting that SQL Server
2000 is not going to use UDP 1434, then, please, get yourself a more
knowledgeable network administrator.

FYI, the fact that SQL Server 2000 uses UDP 1434 is documented in the SQL
Server 2000 Books Online. Search the SQL Server 2000 Books Online using the
search string "UDP" for references.

BP Margolin
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"Nader Hamzei" <> wrote in message
> My network admin has stated that my SQLServers are
> braodcasting UDP packages. I have already installed the
> SP3 and revooted these machines.
> When I go to Task Manager/Processes, sqlerver.exe is
> intermittedly (every 30 seconds) using up 2% of system
> resources. Does anyone know what is going on?
> I already have SP3 and I have run SQLScan which says I am
> not vulnerable to Slammer
> any ideas?
> Nader

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