Re: SQL hotfix version discrepancy

From: Narayana Vyas Kondreddi (
Date: 12/11/02

From: "Narayana Vyas Kondreddi" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 16:54:47 -0000

The version number is not changed, if the sqlservr.exe is not updated. Look
for the version on the individual files you've replaced. They will show you
the correct version number.

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"jj" <> wrote in message
> I downloaded and ran hotfix 8.00.0686 on two SQL 2000 sp2 servers. When I
> check the version number after the upgrade it comes up as 8.00.0679. I
> double checked this and I did not make a mistake. Anyone have any idea how
> this happened.
> Thanks
> jj