Login and users, Security scenario

From: Birthe (birthe@unibase.dk)
Date: 12/04/02

From: "Birthe" <birthe@unibase.dk>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 04:57:21 -0800

My ms access .adp is using SQL2000. My connection is set
up to Login on the SQL server with a specific name. The
name is associatet with a part of the Firm/"Town" -
because i need to know which Town has entered the order.
Now my security problem is that the persons who i using
the .adp with login "Town" is a lot of different stabs in
the firm. Some is making orders, some i making the
invoices and so on. I would like to make some role for the
stabs - ordermakers should not be allowed to make any
changes to ex. customers number or name just only the
invoicemakers. How can I make this ?? is there any way,
where I could make following solution ?? (See attached


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