Re: SQL Default Login?

From: Dan Guzman (
Date: 11/14/02

From: "Dan Guzman" <>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 20:46:42 -0600

The guest database user provides logins with a security context when
they haven't been explicitly granted database access. This is needed
for master and tempdb so that you don't need to grant every login access
to these shared databases.

You can ignore the default login reported by xp_loginconfig. This is
not related to the guest database user and is provided only for
backwards compatibility.

Hope this helps.
Dan Guzman
SQL Server MVP
SQL FAQ links (courtesy  Neil Pike):
"Audrey Lim" <> wrote in message
> I executed the stored procedure 'xp_loginconfig' in the
> Master Database.  It shows that the default login for the
> database is guest user.  I understand that the guest user
> can be deleted and added to all databases except master
> and tempdb, where it must always exist.
> A few questions:-
> - What is the main purpose of guest in both master and
> tempdb?
> - Can I change the default login to another account in
> both master database without revoking the guest user?
> I would appreciate any advise on the above questions.
> Thanks,
> Audrey