Re: sa account - hpw to reset a 'compromised' pw

From: Alan Dean (
Date: 10/28/02

From: "Alan Dean" <>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 01:21:37 -0800

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>Which operating system is your SQL Server on? See if this

Narayana (and Uttam in follow up),

  Thanks for suggestions. OS is Win2k. MSDE is I think
msde2 (bundled with Altiris Deployment Server). Problem is
that I can't (it seems) run Query Analyzer from msde nor
will command-line stings such as sp_password be
recognised. All I can do (in theory) is run things like
sp_pasword as parameters form an osql command but that in
itself requires providing the sa password on the command
line (or some other admin password which does not exist).
Clearly, I can't do that because that's the essence of the
problem - the p/w has been (re)set by a third-party (i.e.
a 'worm'). If there *is* any way of running QA or
sp_password from this 'basic' msde setup (i.e. outside
osql or without the sa password on the command line) I'd
be very grateful for details.

        regards, Alan

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