Re: Security and Authentication Mode

From: BP Margolin (
Date: 10/27/02

From: "BP Margolin" <>
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 12:57:19 -0500


The authentication mode of SQL Server is stored in the registry, and a
restart of SQL Server is necessary for the change in authentication mode to
be effective. Thus there really is, IMHO, no good reason for a T-SQL script
to be doing this, although you can certainly use the undocumented extended
stored procedures xp_regread and xp_regwrite to read and write registry

Why not just use Enterprise Manager to change the authentication mode?

BP Margolin
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"Gidi Ehrenhalt" <> wrote in message
> Hello,
> I set-up SQL Server on a new machine. The Authentication
> mode at the Security tab of the SQL Server Properties is
> set to "windows only".
> Is there a way to change it to "SQL Server and Windows"
> using a script (transact SQL)?
> If I leave it as it is I get an error, when trying to
> connect: "Login failed. Reason: Not associated with a
> trusted SQL Server connection".
> Thanks

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