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From: Kimberly L. Tripp (
Date: 10/18/02

From: "Kimberly L. Tripp" <>
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 00:02:56 -0700

First, the only type of activity that you can monitor AFTER the fact is data
modification/object creation, etc. activity. Query activity is NOT logged in
the transaction log.

However, having said that - you can only get information from the
transaction log with 3rd party tools like Lumigent's Log Explorer

BUT - I'm not sure of the versions they support prior to SQL Server 2000...
I think you're only options for 6.5 for after the fact would be 3rd party
tools. See if Lumigent has a version for 6.5 - not sure???

IF you truly want to log and monitor activity then you need to think a bit
about it and then setup a "trace" with SQL Trace (that was in 6.5) or
Profiler for 7.0+. I don't remember much about this in 6.5. Check out the
BOL for more info...

For more informaiton on Profiler check out the following webcast;en-us;Q325263 and the BOL.


Kimberly L. Tripp
Please do not send mail to me directly - reply on the newsgroup.
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makes it easier to test and answer your questions. Thanks!

"Emad Elmagrisy" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> Is it possible to find out who logged to a particular
> database in the SQL Server 6.5 and view activities done
> on that particular database.
> Thanks
> Emad

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