RE: MS02-020 Security Bullitin.

From: Shirley Kelly [MS] (
Date: 08/16/02

From: (Shirley Kelly [MS])
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 13:02:43 GMT

Hello Ray,

It would help to know the specific edition of SQL Server you're using, plus the version number. I don't think we have any editions named
"Baby Version" :-) You can connect to the server with Query Analyzer and execute "select @@version" to determine exactly what version
you have.

According to the KnowledgeBase article for MS02-020, it applies to ALL editions of SQL Server 2000. Here's a link to the KB article:

If you're using SQL Server 2000, this update should only be applied on top of Service Pack 2. If you're using SQL Server 7.0, it's included
with Service Pack 4.

Shirley Kelly, MCSE, MCDBA
SQL Server Support

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