Re: Adding Permissions on TEMPDB every time computer restarts

From: BP Margolin (
Date: 07/03/02

From: "BP Margolin" <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2002 14:20:56 -0400


The tempdb is created anew each restart of SQL Server using the Model
database as its template. Can you just add the permissions to the Model

BP Margolin
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"Jason Tai" <> wrote in message
> Hi! All:
> I need to find a way (possibly a script?) to add
> permissions for a user/group on TEMPDB everytime I reboot
> the server. It is because I have an ASP.NET application
> that needs the user to have access to the TEMPDB. It is
> a known issue that everytime you restart the SQL Server
> the permissions set on tempdb will disappear. Any
> suggestions? Thanks.
> Jason