Re: SA password change

From: Sue Hoegemeier (Sue_H@nomail.please)
Date: 06/19/02

From: Sue Hoegemeier <Sue_H@nomail.please>
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 10:56:48 -0600

See...I said you'd be fine!
You don't get though tightening security that easily<g>.
It's part of the job. It can be a headache and every few
minutes someone will say "this doesn't work due to the
security changes" which is often not even close to the
issue. I think it's important to work with them though and
find out specifically what they feel they can't do or what
they think isn't working and help them find ways to perform
whatever they need to do. They don't really need sa although
they probably think they do and restricting such can help
them in learning security and how to develop more secure
solutions in the long run. Implementing security can often
require just as much people skills as technical skills. In
time, everyone adjusts.


On Wed, 19 Jun 2002 09:25:58 -0700, Thomas Smith
<> wrote:

>Hi Sue,
>I did eventually change the password. Thanks again for your help. It was
>a little rough but I survived but the developers are crying "foul"
>because I restricted there priviliges from full admin to a tapered off
>version of that. The Sys. Eng is on back also. How do I make everyone
>happy and run a secure SQL Group?
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