Re: Data from Remote Servers

From: David Gugick (
Date: 06/12/02

From: "David Gugick" <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 01:19:19 -0400

Why not break up the tables into smaller components. Link them any way you
like (IDENTITY column or PK value, etc.). That way, you are not updating
huge rows. Also, do not use TempDB. Instead create permanent tables (or use
table variable with SQL 2000) and make sure you have the necessary indexes
in place for updating row information.

David Gugick
Intrinsic Design, Inc.
Coefficient - Database Analysis for Microsoft SQL Server
"Shamim" <> wrote in message
> HI All,
>      SQL SERVER 7.0
> Iam in the process of collecting data from different databases from
> different servers to one database in our head office for a report purpose.
> Process works as follows with a stored-procedure in destination database.
> 1: Create a temp. table with all required fields (50 columns).
> 2: Around 30 columns are direct select from a table.
> 3: Remaining fields are populated by joining columns in the temp table to
> the columns in the production (remote)  tables .
>     (this update is very slow ,since joining between remote database and
> local db).
> Pls advice with any better option to acheive this.
> Thanks
> Shamim