How to Improve online Presence with VeriSign Trust Seal

Trust and reliance plays a huge role in bringing a customer to your online
store. Many users now have knowledge of online security and the essential
padlock symbol, which tells them that their online transaction is safe. To
improve this trust with users, you can authenticate your business and
display the VeriSign Trust Seal symbol on your website.

The Trust Seal not only promotes on your web site but drives additional
traffic through Seal in Search, a browser add-on which populates VeriSign
Seals next to applicable sites in the major search engines on 70 million
desktops. Additionally, it scans your site for malware daily and
immediately notifies you of findings. All of this comes free with the
purchase of the Seal.
The VeriSign Trust Seal Symbol:


You will need to provide the following information to enroll for VeriSign
Trust Seal services:
? Name of the Organization
? The address under which the business is registered
? URL of the web site's home page
? Payment Method
? A valid email address where VeriSign can reach you to validate the

Authentication and Verification

Upon completion of the enrollment process, next will be the authentication
process. This is required to verify that the organization is legitimate,
and is registered with the proper government authorities. Verification is
the process of confirming that:

? The Organization is still in business.
? The Organization owns/has rights to use the domain name listed in the
? The Organizational Contact is a full time employee for the organization
listed in the enrollment.
? The Organizational Contact is aware of the VeriSign Trust Seal
? The URL of your Web site's home page

VeriSign Trust Seal can be displayed on any page that is within the domain
name of the web site mentioned.

Once the business is validated and authenticated, you can start the
installation procedure of the VeriSign Trust Seal.

Installation Procedure:

The VeriSign Trust Seal is available from a self-service page that allows
you to customize your new Trust Seal. To add the VeriSign Trust Seal to
your Web site:

? Go to the VeriSign Trust Seal Installation page on the official website
of VeriSign.
? Click ?I Accept? to agree to the terms and conditions of the VeriSign
Trust Seal Services Agreement.
? Customize your seal by selecting the desired options for the Trust Seal
size and format in the ?Choose Your Seal? section.
? In the ?Create Your Seal Code? section, click "I Accept. Create Script."
to generate your Trust Seal code.
? Use your normal HTML or web development editor to add the Trust Seal
code to any page of your Web site, provided it is located on the same
domain as was used for your Trust Seal enrollment.

Copy and paste the seal code into your Web page code where you want the
seal to display. Copying the code into a plain text editor is the best
practice as other word processers can alter the formatting of the code.

Add the VeriSign Trust Seal to any page within your domain where a visitor
may have a concern about security: the login screen, home page, and
security or privacy information pages. The Trust Seal should be placed
where it will be clearly visible to your Web site's visitors.

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