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So, if you're getting the "path too long" message or the "cannot
delete file" message, and need a utility that will quickly
eliminate the problem, the Long Path tool is the way to go.
You'll be able to delete or rename your files in no time.

I've never encountered this problem, but I am curious that if it
is an "Explorer" problem whether an alternate shell or the command
line would be able to fix it as well.

It is a Windows API limitation. When programmers write programs for
Windows, they use standard Windows functions to deal with files.
Many of these standard functions have the 260 character limit on the
path. Some programs can be written specifically to avoid API
functions with limitation. Among them are NTBackup and Robocopy.
With some programs, you can avoid the limitation by specifying the
file using an extended-length path syntax (ie \\?\C:\Documents and

Refer to the following article, Paragraph "Maximum Path Length
Limitation" (about 1/3 the way down).

"Naming Files, Pathes, and Namespaces"


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