Re: Any Product Give Detailed Log of All Changed Files?

"MowGreen" <mowgreen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
W wrote:
Is there any user friendly product that would install a gadget in the
toolbar that would give you a complete log of all files and registry
changed on the computer along with the processes that change them?

There are Sys Internals tools like RegMon, but these are too low level
very friendly. There is the EventViewer security log, but that is an
abomination and anything but user friendly.

Moreover, inevitably when you need something like RegMon it is not
I just had a situation where I inserted a USB key and I believe it made
attempt to install something on the computer. Seeing the detail of
processes were attempting to move which files to what folders, at the
it was happening, would have been useful.

RegMon is retired and no longer supported. Try Process Monitor -

I want something that installs as a service and continuously gathers data.
I want the UI to be in the style of a personal firewall, always ready to
handout information when I need it.

Process Monitor is great for detailed process level interrogation, but it's
not the tool you leave running 24x7.