Re: The Security Suite/TT Livespam

"dickholda" <dickholda@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm wonder who will step forward next, saying after they ran
TT Livespam or The Security Suite that they were abducted by
space aliens and woke up naked in a cornfield covered in cum.

That will be PCButts1 or BoaterDave.

Symantec picks up just about anything with a .vbs extension as

So TT Livespam is better than Symantec?

a-squared, AntiVir, and Ikarius, from personal experience, usually
cry wolf on just about anything, which is why I avoid using them.

So TT Livespam is better than a-squared, AntiVir, and Ikarius?

Anyone got any more questions they'd like cleared up?

Can I stick my finger up your bum?