Re: Slow website

MowGreen <mowgreen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Rob wrote:
MowGreen<mowgreen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Rob wrote:
Maybe it is a simple server loading
issue, that happens only during daytime hours when IT workers in the
region are all looking for this month's security bulletins.

*Especially* with this month's 'Perfect Storm Patch Tuesday'. The
carnage has just started ... run for the hills !

Of course by daytime hours you referring to here in the US when loading
the Internet Explorer Cumulative Update KB page takes a really, long
time AND the darn scripts that MS uses causes the browser to almost lock up.

Yes, that page is often very slow here as well, especially just after
patch tuesday.

So it is not only *me* seeing these problems, after all?

You are not alone. There are many variables involved but, for now, I'll
just say I'm not on FIOS and there is no alternative to Comcrap here, if
you catch my drift.

I don't think it is very much related to the access provider.

However, after experimenting a bit more today it looks like there is
a relation to the browser being used. It looks like some browsers are