Re: Server 2008 Administrators Account

"Graham Mckenzie" <GrahamMckenzie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:73ED96B9-B406-4F03-B98F-9C082A742DE1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
we have a 2008 server which works as an inetrnet server where someone is
trying to attack us every second or 2 well our password is very strong we
still use the user account as administrator we want to rename this account or
create a second account with a diffrent name with complete admin rights

ideally we think renanming the administrator account to some obscure name
would be the answer i would like to no if this is recommended or not

any help i would appreciate it

The recommended practice for Server 2008 is to disable the Administrator account and use a different account that is a member of the administrators group, or in a domain the domain administrators group, to manage the server.

Kerry Brown
MS-MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Systems Administration