Re: Tracking cookies monitoring

AVG, CCleaner & AOLSpyware Protection may detect cookies but they don't track them.

The Windows Firewall does not deal with cookies whatsoever.

The free version of MalwareBytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) doesn't track cookies nor does it provide any real-time protection.

PS: What's wrong with cookies, anyway?

em21 wrote:
Hi everybody. Can somebody help?

My concern is that I may have too many things monitoring my tracking
cookies. I have the following software for protection:
AVG Free 8.5
I have Ccleaner
AOLSpayware Protection
Malwarebytes 1.40
Windows Firewall

I can see the results of AVG, Ccleaner, and AOL Spyware Prtection, and I
see that they scan for tracking cookies. I imagen that Malwarebytes and
Windows Firewall also do the same, although I don’t get a report from them.

My question is, do I need all these programs scanning cookies? Can I disable
the tracking in AVG, and maybe get rid of AOL Spayware Protection?