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In-line responses, Mike

Mike Easter wrote:
~BD~ wrote:
Icognitus wrote:
~BD~ wrote:

One more try!

You remind me of a chicken flopping around that just had its head


As I have mentioned, I am *not* a computer geek. When I was learning
electronics the transistor was in it's infancy and the computer I
maintained on board ship had thermionic valves (tubes). My late son,
though, *was* a computer guru. He gained a good physics degree from
Manchester University and from there went to work for ICL in Stevenage,

It would have been far more helpful for you to suggest why only
three of the four sections of the message 'got through' to this
group when all four arrived safely in the '' group.

-1- the binary attachments did not arrive 'safely' in either group

On *my* laptop with XP Home SP3 and using Outlook Express 6 as the
newsreader, four parts of the message/binary *did* arrive in the
'' group. By highlighting the four items (by holding down the
'shift' key) and then right-clicking and selecting 'Combine and Decode'
the Screenshot I posted shows 'clear as a bell'!

-2- you should not post binaries in any discussion groups, including
test (text only) discussion groups

I have not been aware that Microsft groups disallow binaries. I have
seen same used from time to time to emphasise a point. I am, though,
well aware that (probably!) one shouldn't open such items when posted in
a newsgroup! ;)

I am fully aware that one must not (indeed, cannot!) post binaries using

-3- there are no binaries-allowed groups on the MS newsserver

Well - it works (on my machine!)

-4- binaries can be appropriately posted to binaries newsgroups on
newsservers carrying binary groups or binaries can be posted to free
filetransfer websites

Indeed so. They were not only allowed but encouraged on some groups at

Whilst this might seem strange, I have a notion that such binaries there
may carry malware (but have no evidence).

-5- since you don't respect the netiquette of newsgroups, why would
anyone want to help you in your efforts to 'diss' (disrespect) these

A good question, Mike! Well, some folk *do* offer help and advice and
have not 'kill-filed' me (an expression I'd never heard until first I
came to the newsgroups). Indeed, it would be quite easy for me to
re-invent myself with a completely new persona and post accordingly. I
have deliberately chosen to remain *identifiable* even though I have
altered my 'nym' slightly from time to time. Btw, the John D to which Mr
Foldes referred was, indeed, me when I first discovered John Doe and his
views on fighting terrorism! (I'll see if I can find a link later). I
agreed with every sentment expressed.

If there really was a 'law of averages', it would tell you that in all
likelihood there *will* be bad guys using these groups as well as the
very many good ones (and I include you in the latter category!). If
something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Peter Foldes first
came under suspicion because 'he' knew 'the answer to everything' and
posted responses at any time of the day or night - 24 hours a day! I
wondered if 'he' was part of a team, but I'm uncertain of that now. I
was interested to review your dialogue with him in the group,
btw! ;)

PA Bear is another 'don't know' situation. At times we seemed to get on
fine and appeared to be 'in-tune' but something doen't 'feel' quite
right. When I subscribed to - at the personal invitation
of Robear Dyer - I went basically to 'investigate'. At first all went
well and I thought I'd found a good home to ask my questions. I did
learn a new word there - 'hinky'. To this day I don't know exactly why I
was banned from posting there, but since then Mr Dyer has consistently
lied about me having been banned by ISP's. I have *never* been banned by
*any ISP - ever! Neither will he engage in rational discussion.

I believe in truth and justice. Cybercrime has escalated exponentially
over the last five years. If I can do *anything* to help reduce same
then my efforts will be continued - your help is much appreciated and I
have taken on board your comments about the newsgroups.




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