Re: These posts don't show on MS server either. Why?

~BD~ wrote:
Blank wrote:
~BD~ wrote:

When I click on that link
and/or copy and paste it into Firefox, *I* am *still* whisked off to
the Bleeping Computer site.

There are a number of different ways to evaluate the mechanism of
happens to your browser when you put an address.

However a websniffer and a browser will show me the bleepingcomputer

Server: proxyshield-proxy4

Has your investigation, though, satisfied you that "Server:
proxyshield-proxy4" use is bona fide and is of no cause for any

I have learned some things that I didn't know before about proxyshield
services and their uses defensively against ddos attacks and some
mechanisms which interfere with some uses of common net tools.

Any redirector/dns service can be used nefariously or not. The
existence of a redirector neither means that the process is a good thing
or a bad thing.

The same redirector service that is used by 'good guys' is also used by
bad guys. uses nameservers to
redirect you to bleepingcomputer. That's fine. Bad guys also use nameservers to redirect. Goodguys use enom or
namecheap for domain registration. Badguys use enom or namecheap for
domain registration.

In this case you can see for yourself what is going on at the
bleepingcomputer site which is where you are redirected.