Re: Antivirus behavior as you load files

From: "Richard Fangnail" <richardfangnail@xxxxxxxxxx>

| An AV program checks files whenever you go to a new web page. Is it
| suppose to alert or record in a log if it finds a virus at that point?

| What's funny is, I've been using different AV programs for 6 years and
| I can't remember one time when my AV said I just loaded a virus.

| Is it possible it blocked an incoming virus without alerting me in any
| way?

| I've mostly used Kaspersky but also AVG.

First, move away from using the term "virus". The majority of bad software Today are
Trojans not viruses and both viruses and trojans are classed as "malware" so the real
question should be "Is it suppose to alert or record in a log if it finds malware at that

Generally speaking the the answer is yes. Not only should anti virus software detect if
there is malware on a given web page but it should also detect other type of malicious
codes such as exploit code. A good anti virus applicatiuon should give you a Pop-Up
indicating it has detecteed malware and should log the event. At the point it should also
block access to the malicios code.

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