RE: Firewall on Windows Server 2003 ?

"Robert" wrote:


Could you advise me a firewall and/or an antivirus which can run on a server
Windows Server 2003 / 2008 with Active Directory.
This server is a Domain Controller on a small network: 8 clients.

NB: ESET Smart Security is not compatible with Windows Server 2003 and
blocks all the server ;-(

Thanks for your help

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Even for such a small network it is worth-while to install a hardware
firewall between your router and the LAN - if the router does not have
adequate firewall built in.

For on-access scanning, on demand scanning, and e-mail hygene most
commercial AV software is adequate.
In a study I recently identified Grisoft AVG and Eset Smart Security as best
Never install Norton, it sticks like glue when you try to replace it.
McAfee plus ePO is cumbersome and resource hungry.
Newell White


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