Re: Remote permissions?

Your admonishments are well heeded. I turned over what
issues there were with the server and watched closely.
Having been the computer business for over 40 years, I
know when to leave things to those trained to handle them.

"Kerry Brown" <kerry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx*a*m> wrote in message
It sounds like the SBS server is not setup correctly and the workstations
are not joined to the domain. I highly recommend you have someone who is
familiar with SBS look at the network. There is no magic. If you don't
understand something it may look like magic but it is really lack of the
correct knowledge.

As was mentioned earlier it's very important that SBS be managed by the
built in wizards. Unless you have deep knowledge of Active Directory and
how SBS works trying to get by without using the wizards will cause you
much grief and eventually a non-functional server.

Kerry Brown
MS-MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Systems Administration

"Bill" <billstanton@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I got caught in the 7-day "grace period" after which
2003 SBS must be made domain controller. Along
with that was a learning issue on my part wherein
the users of the server need to have there workstation
names and passwords match with what is registered
in "users" at the server. After resolving that, everything
worked.............but there seemed to be an element of
magic involved. "Magic" in the computer business is
always worrisome.

"Kerry Brown" <kerry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx*a*m> wrote in message
SBS has something called Remote Web Workplace that will do exactly what
you want.

Kerry Brown
MS-MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Systems Administration

"Bill" <billstanton@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have 3 computers that log onto a Server 2003 SBS
system that serves as a domain controller. Each of those
3 computers have LogMeIn installed and all work with
that perfectly when the server is bypassed, i.e., when
connected directly to a router via DHCP. When I
attempt to connect to any one of them from outside
the domain, I get 4320 error:

The operator or administrator has refused
the request. (4320)

I assume it is the server that blocks the access, but I
can't find anywhere on the server where settings are
provided to allow access to computers connected to
the server.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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