Re: x509 certs for Wyse terminals and printers

Yeah but I (a user) am trying to create a wks cert. I can do it for a web
server, why not a wks? :-)

Anyway, I'm a bit closer now and heading in the right direction. Thanks guys.


"Brian Komar (MVP)" wrote:

They are not domain members. If I remember correctly, you need to request
user certificates for the device.
You also have to decide whether to request one certificate per, or to
implement a common certificate that is burned into the image of the
In either case, you need to save the certifciate and key pair in to the
permanent RAM of the system.
It will not appear in the Web page as you are connecting as a user and the
workstation auth is a computer certificate only for computers with accounts
in AD.

"Ferg" <Ferg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thanks for the reply Brian,

Network has 802.1x so we need to have certs for authentication on the
network. The workstations are enrolled automatically but these other
that can't create the certs themselves must have them created for them.

I would imagine we can use the Workstation template, but I've not worked
how to create one of these manually (it doesn't show up from the drop-down
list when I select "Advanced Certificate Request".


"Brian Komar (MVP)" wrote:

What do you plan to do with the certificate?
You need to provide way more details.

"Ferg" <Ferg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
*****Additional post - is in General Discussion, but latterly found
Hey folks,

I wonder what's the best way to go about creating certficates (from a
Win2003 CA) for non-domain devices - Wyse terminals and printers?

I guess I can create them from a WinXP client and import the pfx file
the device, but would it need any more than that - a custom template or