Re: Skype forming connections to myriad PCs on Internet

That is its designed behavior. As part of its P2P voice chat system, Skype clients will attempt to serve as relays between calls (including calls that source and destination have no relation to your). If you don't like it, your only option would be to uninstall Skype.

Adam Stasiniewicz

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Hi all,

I downloaded and installed Skype. Before I ran it for the first time,
I ran "netstat -b" to learn what connections had been made
to/from my PC, which is running XP SP3. The list was very minimal.

After I run Skype, the list of connection ballooned
to include a large number of PCs, many of them
seemingly home PCs.

So, I changed the settings in Skype to prevent
people who are not in my Contact List from trying
to SMS me or make video calls. I thought that
would fix things.

While the list was greatly shortened, it is by no means
without questionable connections. Here's a combined list
of the various connections I discovered since imposing
privacy restrictions.

Key point: There is no one on my contact list who is a user of
AOL or Optonline or RoadRunner.

TCP mypc:3994
TCP mypc:4030
16323 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP mypc:4050
TCP mypc:4054
TCP mypc:4056 Wireless_Broadband_Router.home:2555
TCP mypc:4061 Wireless_Broadband_Router.home:2555
TCP mypc:4100
64776 ESTABLISHED 3704
TCP mypc:4112 Wireless_Broadband_Router.home:2555

Can anyone explain if this is a known Skype problem and if so,
what's the cause?



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