Re: Error Loading C:\WINDOWS\winsp3fc.dll

From: "Vincdc" <Vincdc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

| Hello,
| My PC recently was infected by something. After I cleaned it using Windows
| Defender, I started to receive the following warning message:
| Error Loading C:\WINDOWS\winsp3fc.dll
| The specified module could not be found.

| I checked the registry, but could not find anything like this one. Does
| anyone has any idea on what this winsp3fc.dll is and how to fix it?
| Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!

| Vincdc

When you wrote you "checked the registry", does that mean you searched the Registry for
any/all occurrences of "winsp3fc.dll" ?

Chances are that Windows Defender removed the DLL and the DLL is loaded by RUNDLL32.EXE
and Windows Defender failed to remove the line item where RUNDLL32.EXE calls winsp3fc.dll
to be loaded and thus generates the error message. Removing the line item that has
"RUNDLL32 winsp3fc.dll" will mitigate this error message.

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