Re: My Hot mail account was hacked!!!!

Hacked wrote:
I just discovered my Hotmail account is the victim of hacking too.

My password was 7 characters, and a mix of upper and lower case,
with some numbers thrown in to. I hardly think that's an easily
brute forced password.

Needless to say its been changed.

Actually - yes - seven (7) characters is more easily hacked than eight (8)
(not strickly because of the number of characters, but specifically the
number of them being seven (7). A full fourteen (14) would also be fairly
vulnerable to brute force, over fourteeen (14) characters... not so much.)

I'd suggest 15+ characters. Afraid you cannot remember that many?


<- That's a pretty strrong password. ;-) I don't suggest using it now that
it is associated with you, however.

Shenan Stanley
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