RE: How to manage profiles???

Thanks for the input.

"Anteaus" wrote:

Outlook is always a problem for roaming access, becuase it is not a proper
network-aware program, and stores its data an dsettings in disparate

I ALWAYS tell the users at these satellites to use OWA as it seems Outlook
tends to time out. But as users go, anything to do nothing.

Thereare two ways you can make Outlook work for roaming users, and those are
roaming profiles and profgen/newprof scripts. Roaming profiles would probably
bog-down a system like yours. Scripting the Outlook settings is complex but
does work.

I will take a look at profgen/newprof, whatever that is.

Other options are a proper network-aware email client, or webmail.

As a side note, we have implemented the 42 day password rule as per NYS

I have always thought that this dictate results from 'soapboxing' rather
than rational thought. It certainly causes a number of security issues,
namely that it forces users to have simple passwords or else to write them
down, and it means that engineers doing maintenance have to forcibly reset
those passwords. I wonder if anyone has given thought to the issue that
forcibly-reset passwords are a major security risk, since they almost always
reset to a known value? Probably not.

Excellent point. I went to my director and said when these users have a
problem I will reset the password to a default and check off change password
at next logon. This might happen weekly for some. You are correct, bad,
fustrating to users that dont know what alphanumeric means and the people
making the rule are cluless.

As for shares, you may be able to do something with a more sophisticated
language like AutoIt or KixStart. I would suggest that this is the route to

We use Kixtart, but I know little about scripting. For now.

Thanks again.

One thought. Some profiles are 100 MB! One user copied the entire C drive!!!
making their profile 1 GB!!! I have told my bosses about this and using,
implementing quotas. Is profile sizes like this normal? No wonder a roaming
profile can take 30 minuets to load!!!!!!!!!!!!!