Re: Drag & drop of URL to links bar gives Access Denied!!!???

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eganders wrote:
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IE version? Window version?

eganders wrote:
How can I get around this? Is there a place where I can disable some
parts of the security profile?

In Internet Explorer: Dragging and dropping the icon in the present
URL to the links bar is allowed. Dragging and dropping the icon to a
FOLDER on my links bar creates an access denied!##%%!!

I am sick of this type of security.

The stupid thing is I can drag and drop it to the links bar, cut it
and PASTE it into the folder. Thanks, Microsoft, for the added extra
steps in the name of security.

This type of nonsense makes a joke of security.

Oh yes.  What else but Windows Vista (basic).  The web browser is
Internet explorer 7.

What else?  Could have been just about any Windows version (and Service Pack
level) and IE version (e.g., IE5.x; IE6; IE7; IE8B2) in this newsgroup,
which is not a Vista-specific newsgroup.  Vista-specific newsgroups include:

Methinks you need to bone up on Vista's UAC and Protected Mode.- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

Sorry!! Methinks that this behavior is not consistant. I should not
have to learn about something that behaves in an inconsistant and non
intuitive way. I don't think I am alone in this thinking because
Vista (which has a lot of good features) is not having a good time in
the marketplace BECAUSE of this type of behavior. I started on this
rough road trying to migrate my old applications to Vista. The
security got in the way, so I turned it off during the installation
process. I really would like to follow the concept of using the UAC,
but not when a person has to deal with this type of behaviour.

So far it looks like no one has an answer to the "simple" problem I
put forward, which underscores the problem further. If there is no
problem here but my "need to bone-up on the way Vista works", then why
no answer???