Re: Business office space renter with wireless

Vic wrote:

I noticed in Microsoft Windows Network a Mshome domain that shouldn't be
there. Upon investigation I found that another business that rents office
space in our bank installed a wireless router and plugged it into our
I was able to track down the other business laptops and found that they
indeed getting ip's and dhcp from our (2003) network.

Other than the fact that their laptop security is out of our control, what
other risks does having a wireless network in our routers pose?

How ever did *that* happen?! Of course it is a tremendous security problem.
And you run a bank?! With all that financial and personal information?!
Here are just a few reasons this is a horrible situation:

1. Any infected machine on their network can infect your entire network,
including your server.

2. If you've been so lax in your security, there's a good possibility that
any shared resources on your network are available to people on their
network. Which is now a shared network.

3. Aside from using up your bandwidth, you've opened yourself to data theft.

Don't you have an IT Dept.? You need to separate your network and secure it
from any others. If you don't have an IT Dept. (hard to believe that a bank
wouldn't), contract with a local professional security/networking firm to
come and get you straightened out.

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