Re: Change Admin Key in Microsoft Base CSP Smart Cards with CLM


When we try to initialize a card, with a new Admin key (a 48 digits random
hexadecimal key), we receive an error indicating the PIN is wrong. We have
try to write a pin with all A’s (AA….AAAA) but we get the same result.
Otherwise, writing a pin 00..000A the card initialization works properly. I
have searched for any documentation in the thechnet library about the format
of de Admin key and for this error exactly but without success. Why we can’t
use any pin if it had 48 hexadecimal digits? There is any format restriction
for the Admin Key?--

Unai Castro
MCSA 2003

"Brian Komar (MVP)" wrote:

In the retire workflow, choose the option to reset the Admin Key
It will then reset the Admin Key to the Admin Key specified in the smart
card details.
"Unai Castro" <UnaiCastro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I have a problem to change with CLM the Admin key in Smartcards, with a
Microsoft Base CSP, in this case Gemalto's cards. I can initialize these
cards with a new Admin key selecting diversify Admin Key in the template
profile, after I issue a new card with CLM the Admin Key changes, for
to 00..0001, and I can retire and reuse this card any times that I need.
problem appear when I want use these cards in another profile template, I
cannot initialize these cards (I think because de Admin Key isn’t the
standard: 00..0000) and I cannot find where specify the actual key of the

It’s possible specify in CLM the actual Admin Key in the profile template?
If this not possible is any way to change the Admin Key to reset to the
original situation?

Unai Castro
MCSA 2003


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