Office 2003 and Vista

Is there a reason Windows Vista is not listed as a supported operating system
on the KB953404 download page? The download details page only lists Windows
2000, NT, Server 2003 SP1, and XP SP2. I am running Office 2003 SP3 on Vista
SP1 and it threw me when Vista was not listed. However, I reasoned this is an
update for Office so what difference does the OS list make? I downloaded the
update and it installed successfully.

I install my updates manually and here's why:
I migrated from Windows 2000 to Vista SP1 using a clean install. I have
troubles with Windows Update hosing my system when it automatically installs
updates. Windows Update completes successfully, but sometimes after the
system reboots it only loads to a black screen and not into Windows. There
are other times my system will just crash. Cross my fingers, but so far I
have experienced no problems manually installing Windows .msu updates using
the command-line tool pkgmgr aka Package Manager.

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