Re: executable code versus non-executable code

"Spin" <Spin@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Today, I overheard four guys in a meeting bandying about executable code
versus non-executable code. I couldn't quite follow but what I thought I
heard was executable code was things like exe's and non-executable code
was like dll's (they can't be executed directly, they must be called by
something else. Is my understanding close to correct?

I suppose you would have to ask them what they meant.

To me, non-executable code would be code that still
required additional translation before it could execute.
Source code for instance would be non-executable
in most cases.

When the code reaches a form that the user can cause
the translation and execution of without any further
action needed, I would consider it executable. This
means that scripts are executable code because once
invoked - no further action is required by the user.
PE files contain executable code because once invoked
the translation into an executable image and loading
and execution of that image takes place without further
action by the user. DLLs and PEs differ in the way they
are invoked and can differ in as little as one bit in the
header IIRC.