Re: Virtual Machines

BoaterDave wrote:
When looking at the screen of a PC running VM, how can one tell the
VM picture from 'the real thing'?

I can imagine it might not be too difficult if the 'real' machine
was Vista and the VM was XP but what if both were running Windows

Any help or guidance will be much appreciated. TIA.

I am unsure what you are asking...

Are you trying to determine if you are using a virtual machine or the actual
installed OS on a system? Just by looks - if the VM allows a full-screen
view with no obvious signs - it could be difficult (just by looking.)
However - the hardware the VM uses, the fact you can minimize it, etc -
those could be easy to check for. Or - you could - change the background
image to denote it as a VM.

Shenan Stanley
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