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C'mon - be nice! :)))

Gimme just one reason why I should be nice to Dan.

OK - Dan is a human being.
"Although we have been endowed with profound resources of character, we see that, left to

our egos, we are nonetheless weak, powerless and in need. Perhaps the Creator wanted us to

realize that we would only find strength in the help and support of a higher Source. He created a

strong opposition for us to provoke this realization. If this dilemma were to totally disappear,

everything would disappear. Both are needed; the personal and the spiritual give each other

meaning. Together they help the human being to understand with true humility its utter

dependence on God. That is the secret of the two opposing possibilities for human selfhood: the

ego and the soul.

In other words this struggle between the two sides of ourselves will only be concluded when

a higher power comes into play. For this it is necessary to make a call for divine assistance, to

realize in humility our dependence on God, and, without abandoning the struggle with our

egocentric compulsions, to pray that these compulsions be dissolved.

This is the inner dilemma we human beings experience. If the human being, instead of just

looking at itself, could step back and see the whole situation, then it would indeed see who is

the cause of all this, who is really making each of them do what it does. Then it would have found

the truth. Then truth and justice would be established. All sides of the human being would

surrender to the Divine."

A quote from this pdf document:-